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I'm Jeb_CC. I'm immortal until proven otherwise.
Aroaceapl | Australian | Asocial | AHAHAHA
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Fun Facts About Me:

- I can type 140 WPM with a 96% accuracy rate. I can also type 200 WPM with a 2% accuracy rate
- My favourite food is sleep
- I don't have a restraining order
- I watch Phasmophobia more than I play it
- Horror is my fuel
- Don't take me too seriously :')

Olive ♀ | Will eat your soul if you're not careful

Champas ♂ | Epileptic and banned from parties

Coined Terms

Expanding Uingender
To start with, 'Uingender is an umbrella for any genders that are 'unknown, unnamed, undecided, unsure, undefined, unidentified, unquantifiable, unexplainable, or undetermined in nature (UIN)'. I find the original created flag to lack appropriate symbolism. I associate bright colours with the light, and the light symbolising truth and knowledge. So personally the flag is very much opposite of what I feel it should be.
I have revised this with my own version. I asked myself, what is the unknown? And I thought of both the space and the sea, and incorporated colours of blue and teal into the design.

I felt it important to redesign this as I classify my own gender as UIN. Like the ocean, it's there, but who knows what's in it. We can see little aspects of it like the shallow fish but never truly know what's so deep down.

Endesexual, Enderomantic, Endeplatonic, etc
An identity for an individual that experiences attraction to an individual, but said occasion of attraction disappears over time.
This is different to orientation fluidity as the sense of attraction does not return. The prefix can accompany other alignments, such as... endebisexual (ende-bi-sexual). This does not mean the individual stops being bisexual after time, only the attraction to a specific individual expires.
Etymology: ende- refers to 'end', meaning the attraction has a set end.
Similar Terms: - Not time exclusive - Dependent on familiarity rather than time - Could be seen as the opposite of Endesexual.

Conceptkin Symbol
My inspiration for the symbol comes from the idea of word clouds and connection between common terms that a concept may possess. Each tear drop shape is represented as a part of the concept, of which all links together. The outer circle/rim is the encapsulation of these segments to confine the summarised concept. But these segments also help define the shape of the outer circle, thus indicating their importance to the overall structure.
In layman's terms...
Let's take rainkin as an example. One segment might be water, another might be clouds, one could even be renewal. These are all intertwined in concept and together create the symbolism or idea of rain. As for the outer rim that is also made of the inner lines: You can't have rain without water, but you also can't have water without rain. Not in a literal sense of course, there are other ways to get water hah. But the ideas can depend on one another and intertwine deeply as one whole core.


My current responsibilities:
> IT Client Support Technician
> Owner of LGBTQIA+ Wiki and Discord
> Book of Dragons Discord Bot Host

LGBTQIA+ Wiki Rework
Helping a recently migrated community to organise. Details of the overall project are discussed in the Wiki's Discord server.

Games to Sate That Species Dysphoria
For Otherkin or Transspecies, here's a list of video games that might help!

Paragonic - Dragon Breeding Game
Alpha Completed - Private Testing
A scripted spreadsheet game involving the breeding and exploration of dragons! Not for profit personal project. Uses FlightRising assets (allowed for non-commercial usage). Not available for public testing yet.

Rise of Berk | Book of Dragons Discord Bot
Invite Me!
Book of Dragons is a Discord Bot for ranking and retrieving info on demand for every dragon in Rise of Berk (HTTYD). It uses the Google API to grab data from the Companion Tool, and grabs images with the Fandom Wiki API. (Source code pending...)
Features include...
- A ranking system to retrieve information from a database
- An overview of top ranking assets
- A summary of upcoming and current in-game events

Rise of Berk | Companion Tool
Use Me!
The Companion Tool is a useful guide for evaluating your dragons and organising your Berk, including quests, statues, and more.
How to Train your Dragon | Personality Dragon Species Quiz
Test Me!
What's your dragon species based on a few personal questions? Not to be taken too seriously!

Otherkin Kintype Population Percentages
View Me!
Not publicly available. Must be a user of Kinmunity to view. Not available for redistribution or external sharing.

Active Directory User Creation using a CSV Unit Database (Powershell)
Pending Link
A script for new user creation using a csv of unit information to populate fields and add required groups. Also provides commands and checks for Exchange mailbox creation.

User Account Drive Display - Reads a 'use X:' Netlogon Script
Pending Link
Reads a netlogon script and provides a visual display of the mappings. Netlogon script maps based on groups and specific user accounts. | Assist Discord Bot Assist was a Discord Bot for viewing item information on demand. Information was solely received from the fandom wikia api (through painful parsing and a bit of black magic).
I have since disbanded the project in protest against the game as the game creators are turning into an NFT project.

LGBT+ Label Chart
A database to tag and organise LGBT+ sexuality and gender related terminology and labels.
I have re-envisioned this in a different format available on the main projects page.

LGBTQIA+ Term Finder
Search Me!
Has a good set of terms available for searching but will be replaced once LGBTQIA+ wiki categorisation is redone.

Animalia Species Matrix Database of Characteristics
A large project for the use of filtering animal species by distinct characteristics; physical, behavioral, and social. Not dead but taking a long nap.
Contribute here!
Status here!



Want some art from me? First of all, thank you! Below is a generalised list of my prices. These prices vary depending on complexity. All below prices are in AUD. Use Google to convert. ;)

What I will draw:

What I won't draw:
Anything homophobic,
sexist, ableist, or racist.

Bust | Cell Shaded | Solid Colour = $25

Coloured Traditional | Full Body | Soft Shaded | Detailed = $200

Black and White Traditional (using markers)
Coloured Traditional (coloured digitally)
Bust +$5
Waist-Up +$10
Full Body +$20
Extra Character +1/2 of above
Sketch +$5
Shaded Sketch +$8
Basic Colour +$12
Cell Shaded +$20
Soft Shaded +$30
Solid Colour
Detailed +$5-$200
Background cost depends on canvas size and complexity

How to Order
(Discord) Jeb_CC#0001 | [email protected] | Facebook Messenger
Please provide...
- Your selections using the list above
- A visual reference of your character or a detailed written description
- Any particular expression or posing? What sort of background? If you don't provide this information I'll decide for you, based on given character style or personality. :)
Terms and Conditions
- Once presented the final image, you are eligible to request a change or two of any minor details.
- You are allowed to use the image in any way, but ensure you credit me for the original rendition and/or modified base.
- Payment is to be made prior to start of work.
- You can cancel at any time and I will refund you for the portion of unfinished work.
- You can pay me via PayPal:


Born and raised in Australia, I was dropped on my head and then - wait where was I? I grew up in a religious household though never clicked with the whole spiritual thing vibe. I was quite asocial, the church + youth groups on top of school was torture. I also threatened to eat someone's soul once, which they took quite seriously, so that didn't help with the whole... making friends thing.But then I discovered - 🎇VIDEO GAMES🎇, and realised - I could receive entertainment without having to talk to anyone! I played Valve games to start with, before branching out into strategic games. And even amongst that addiction, I still excelled at my education - except for Physical Education, how dare they grade my ability to run.But wait, there's more! Let me introduce you to my friend, 🎇DEPRESSION🎇. I got it for free, no coupon required, although it seemed to make things quite difficult. Productivity slowed, as if someone poured glue on a factory conveyer belt. This is when my love for horror let's plays sprouted from the depths of my beatless heart. Nothing was more enticing than hearing the screams of the damned. What wakes you up more than a commentator weeping in the corner? Or excites you more than a demonic entity threatening your very existence?So with the power of thrills on my side, I tumbled the rest of my way into graduation before deciding to move out. Miraculously I scored a permanent full time career. Using this money on depression-b-gone pills, I was able to work on my hobbies more, and write stupid shit like this.These days, I still thrive on the horror genre, it is my daily sustenance one might say. I have a house, two cats, and a really nice hairdryer. 10/10, would dry hair again.- Jeb_CC